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Kyle Darroch


Phone: 780-865-2569

I believe that we are teaching children to be lifelong learners. My goal is to facilitate a space where our children can become active, positive citizens of the world. As a teacher, I would like my students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be independent, compassionate, empowered, driven and unique individuals. I feel we need to teach beyond prescribed learning objectives; we must individualize our teaching so that each person’s potential can be reached. I strongly believe teachers are here to act as mentors, guides and facilitators, to allow learners to follow their natural curiosity for life, rather than dictating how, when, and in what format they should learn. I believe knowledge can be more meaningfully gained from our sensory experiences in our natural environment. Children should be given the opportunity and freedom to explore their natural, unstructured environment, and allow their own experiences to inform their ideas.