Principal's Message

At Crescent Valley School, we pride ourselves on our welcoming, caring, respectful, safe and inclusive learning environment. This starts with the first people you meet when you come through our front entry, our front office staff. Guests are welcomed and assisted with directions or questions if needed. Our “BEARS” program recognizes students for demonstrating characteristics of Belonging, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Service, whether it be in the classroom, hallways or out on the playground. Staff members present students with  BEARS certificates and share how they earned it. 

Our work is guided by the statements “Success for All” and “All Kids Are Our Kids.” We believe that students’ physical, social and emotional needs must be met in order to have optimal learning. Teachers continue to model and teach skills within the Zones of Regulation to help students recognize how they are feeling and to provide students with strategies to help re-regulate to be successful in the classroom. Our daily breakfast program ensures students have a healthy start to the school day with choices from four food groups. This program also provides a social setting for students to start out their day. Academically, our school is focussing on instruction for reading in all areas of the curriculum along with numeracy skills. Focussed Response to Intervention strategies provide all students with instruction and practice activities to best meet the diverse learning needs in our school.

It is important for our school community to have strong parental involvement and student engagement. Parents are welcomed in formal settings such as School Council and P4K to support school programming. There are many additional opportunities for parents through classroom activities, school functions as well as field study trips. Many teachers use technology to keep parents informed of school and class activities. School Messenger is used to share out information to parents for school wide activities. Our school staff, School Council and P4K also have a strong presence on Facebook,  Friends of Crescent Valley, to share school events. Grade seven students are front and center in planning many school wide events. They plan and run activities for the Welcome Back Picnic, Halloween Bash and end of year Fun Day to name a few. This helps to create a strong sense of belonging and purpose. There many additional activities to promote student engagement; intramurals, library, and Student Wellness Action Team (SWAT) provide leadership and social engagement opportunities outside of the classroom. Cross graded Career and Technology Foundations classes provide students in grades five through seven with choices to learn skills for potential career paths. 

As our motto “Reaching New Heights” suggests, we strive to provide students with the best opportunities to learn and be successful at Crescent Valley School.

Robin I. Hengel