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Principal's Message

Principals Message September 2020

Principal’s Message  


Crescent Valley has always been a community of learners, and this year, we will be             creating a safe environment where students will be working together in new ways. We will be working under new conditions with new protocols. I am proud to say the teachers taking on these new protocols are highly experienced, open-minded, and creative. By using: physical distancing, hand hygiene practices, PPE’s, cohorts and staggered groupings, we will be able to support our students in a safe and caring manner. 


Living through this COVID pandemic has forced us to accept a new type of normalcy. It continues to be uncomfortable and uncertain for everyone. Please know we are doing our best to keep student learning moving forward in positive ways. I want to remind you to give your son or daughter permission to step back if they begin to feel overwhelmed. Each family environment is different, and only you know as the parent if your son or daughter is finding the challenge too difficult. 


We have the very best teachers and by simply reaching out and communicating with your teacher, we can support your children. Teachers are continuing to do their best to support their students while balancing their own family, children, and health. Thank you for continuing to be supportive, patient and compassionate with all of us. 


There are many questions about returning in the fall. We will continue to follow the directives from Alberta Health Services, the Minister of Education, and our Senior Leadership. As we know more, we will share information with you. As of August 24th, we posted the school re-entry plan for you to go through with your children. The plan will be ongoing and change as we receive new information and directives.  


Please remember to review the School’s Re-entry Plan on the school’s website and to go through the additional resources under the tab “Covid Resources”.  You will also find a daily AHS Screening Check to do with your children each morning.  Also you are reminded to pack personal hand sanitizer so that your child can practice hand hygiene with their teacher. Although masks are mandatory for grades 4-7, please feel free to provide your children in grades K-3 with a mask as well. As we have not received masks yet, please provide a mask for your children for the first day. 


Microwaves and recycling will not be available for student use so pack lunches accordingly. Big Horn Mines has graciously donated a water bottle for every student and we will be handing these out in the first week so please put your childs name on it.  We are recommending a “boomerang lunch”. A boomerang lunch is a lunch that has every piece of it return to its source. In other words, everything in the lunch goes back home at the end of the day. No matter if it is leftover food, containers, recyclables or garbage, it all goes back. 


Please be respectful of physical distancing and follow the arrows on the ground or floors. Only parents of Junior Kindergarten are allowed to enter the building (wearing a mask) and accompany their children to and from the classroom. However: parents of students in Kindergarten to Grade 7 are not permitted to enter the building.  If your child is late, please remind them to use the front door only as other doors will be locked and to ring the doorbell at the front door.  


On the first day of school, we will have the teachers outside with signs with their grade and names.  Grades 1-2 should find their teacher at the primary doors located on the east side of the building, Kindergarten and Grade 3 will locate their teacher at the gym doors. Grades 4-6 will find their teacher  at the doors located in the back beside the basketball court, and the Grade 7s at the picnic tables. Please go through all of the information posted on our website and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


 Thank you for your support.


 Rod Armstrong