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School Council

School Council

A school council is a means for parents and community members to work together with the principal and the school to support and enhance student learning. Anyone (parent, guardian, grandparent, etc) that attends council meetings will be considered a part of the school council and will have a vote in decisions. Learn more about school councils here.

Current School Council

Chairperson: Colleen Houston
Vice-Chair: Tammy Shaw
Secretary: Jennifer Misiurski
Treasurer: Shanda Hibbs
Hot Lunch Coordinator:  
Events Coordinator:  
Milk Coordinator: Pam Smith
Casino Coordinators:  

Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month in the Crescent Valley School Ancilliary Room. 

Meetings begin at 3:30 and free babysitting is available. (Please check the School Calendar each month.)

Please join us.

View our School Council documents here.